Finding Cheap Gas

Let’s rewind the script, it’s 1998 and gas is selling for 90 cents a gallon. You take a $20 dollar bill and hand it to the gas station attendant (you pay first near the city… LOL).

You pump your gas and before you know it you are finished, a “fill-up” total cost… $13.95 (15.5 gallons for a Honda Accord). You go back into the gas station to collect your change. What a great life that was.

Fast forward back to today, that same tank of gasoline now cost you $4.75 per gallon and instead of using a twenty dollar bill, you now have to pay with a credit card, because the fill-up that use to only cost $13.95, now cost a whopping $73.63. What use be a monthly gas bill of $56, is now $295. Why are gas prices so high? There are various reasons, but no matter what the reason is, now-a-days we are all looking to save some money. Each and every day we all say to ourselves…

“I Need to Find Some Cheap Gas Near Me”

This site has a gas finder to help you find the cheapest gas in your area and some helpful information on how to save gas either by driving better or finding it for less.

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